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But i would like to understand the methods used for speed enforcement here. There is no law that says that a radar control mobile or static should be visible in Germany as a whole. I was wondering is there a way to check your driving license points listed in the German Flensburg system. The simplest way is to sending your enquiry by post to the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt. This Bundesamt maintains the Register of Driver Fitness.

I have been called to my local police station Germany to answer a report from someone that I undertook them on the highway. Apparently they have witnesses. How much will I have to pay. And will I lose my licence. In this case you have to pay a fine of 30 Euro up to 120 Euro and 1 point in Flensburg. For example, if you are a first offender, you could bypass a driving ban.

Maybe you should consult a lawyer for traffic law. This driving ban is determined individually, depending on your degree of penalty. I Baby Girl Chewbacca Costume recently in Germany on vacation and upon my return to Canada was advised by the car rental company Baby Girl Chewbacca Costume I had been caught on camera speeding and that they were required to provide the German authorities with my personal information. The canadian authorities can surely answer your question more precisely. I was caught on camer over speeding at 50 kmph at 30 zone out of city and plus I was using a cell phone.

What will the fine be?. Do I get a black point for using cell phone. And how do I know how many black points I havw gathered till now. Will they be accumulated over the years. Or does it get erased at some point. I am new in germany. Your points will get erased after 2. He has the chance to comment on the offense. I live in Netherlands. Will the points and licence ban apply here in NL. I mean, I will have to give my licence to dutch authorities or how it goes. How about the fine. The 2 points do they apply also. I was expecting 160,like you said. If the fines authority considers that you have acted with intent, the fines can cost twice as much.

Been caught speeding 35kph over the limit, not sure yet if it was in town or out town, looking at the pictures it was a two lane carriageway. If it is in town Baby Girl Chewbacca Costume chart above says there is a 1 month ban. I received a notice of a traffic violation during my stay in Reutlingen, Germany in August 2015. I am responsible and I am obligated to pay my fine of 15,00 eur.

To Baby Girl Chewbacca Costume do I send this payment. Would past violations be visible.