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If not, how severe is this offense. Hello, I passed a red signal in Kaiserslautern at night but there was no flash. Does this still mean that I will get a fine or not. Today, I was stopped on the highway by plain clothes traffic police. I was going about 130 in an 80 zone. They took me to ATM, and I paid 348,50 in cash Can you explain how they reach this amount. I am foreign driver in foreign car. I noticed one is required to send in Chewbacca Costume Singapore driving license within 4 months from the date of the fine. Dose it mean one has the flexibility to decide when this one month ban take place within the 4 months period from receiving the fine sentence.

Thank you very much for your help. If you are getting the driving ban the first time, you can decide when it starts within a 4 month period. It regulary starts as soon as you send the driving license to the authority. I received notification of a fine from my car rental company who advised they have passed my details on to the issuing organisation and that I will Sigapore written notification from them directly. I live in Australia. As the fine fo the committed offense is comparatively low, it is possible, that the german authorities have dropped the case.

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