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In order for bentgrass seed to qualify for certification under the Oregon Standards, what is the maximum 'Weed Seed' that it can contain?
a) 0.50%
b) 0.25%
c) 0.10%
d) 0.04%
Who was the first golfer to earn more than $1 million in tournaments and exhibitions and the first player to market golf equipment bearing his name?
a) Walter Hagen
b) Jack Nicklaus
c) Arnold Palmer
d) Bobby Jones
How many seeds per pound are in Crystal BlueLinks bentgrass?
a) 5,880,829
b) 6,056,075
c) 6,489,270
d) 7,093,000
In 2000, Tiger Woods ran away from the field in the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, winning by a record 15 shots. Which two players finished tied for second?
a) Ernie Els and Miguel Angel Jimenez
b) Miguel Angel Cabrera and Ernie Els
c) Miguel Angel Jimenez and David Toms
d) Ernie Els and David Toms
Totton P. Heffelfinger, a former president of the United States Golf Association, created this golf club that hosts major championships while providing a pure golf experience for its members. Which club is it?
a) Erin Hills Golf Club
b) Pinehurst Resort
c) Hazeltine National Golf Club
d) Atlantic Golf Club
a) Answer A