About Us

The Beginning: Penn State and Penncross

Penn State University developed and released the first seeded Penn bentgrass, Penncross, back in the 1950s. It has since become the world’s #1 selling bentgrass variety. But they didn’t stop there. With the guidance of Dr. Joeseph Duich, they continued to produce many other successful and revolutionary bentgrass varieties. These “Penn Bents”, including Penn A-1, Penn A-4, Penn G-1, Penn G-2, Penn G-6, PennLinks, Penneagle, salt and drought tolerant Seaside ll and a variety of blends, are still the standard in the golf course industry. Penn A-1 and A-4 are especially prominent and on the greens of some of the world’s most famous courses.

Industry Innovation

Producing bentgrass seed that yields uniform, disease-resistant surfaces and performs predictably around the world requires years of research and evaluation. When Penncross was developed, there were no variety protection laws to shield consumers from unauthorized and lower quality seed, so Penncross became the first public grass variety that was limited to the first generation of seed production.

The Formation of Tee-2-Green

In the 1960s, Penn State University declared Penncross a proprietary or "private" variety to discourage “unauthorized” sale of the product. Through a formal agreement, Penn State authorized the Penncross Bentgrass Growers Association of Oregon to produce and market the bentgrass. The association formed the brand name Tee-2-Green, ensuring that all Penn bents sold under that name would be certified.

The Pure Bents

Although the Tee-2-Green brand began with the Penn bents, it has continued to evolve with the introduction of the “Pure Seed” varieties, including Crystal BlueLinks, Pure Distinction, Pure Select and the PureFormance Blend. These new varieties carry the legacy of the classic Penn bents (Penncross, A’s and G’s) to even greater heights.

Protecting Quality into the Future

All of the Penn bents developed by Dr. Joe Duich at Penn State University, as well as the Pure bents developed by Pure Seed, are covered under the Plant Variety Protection Act. Tee-2-Green bentgrass cultivars may only be sold as certified seed. The immediate acceptance of all the Penn bents and Pure bents by turf professionals around the world reflects the outstanding reputation of these breeding programs and the continuing effort towards quality control.