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Penncross, Tee-2-Green’s legendary creeping bentgrass, is now out of production, and our inventory is now gone. PC2.0, however, is the next generation of this time-proven bentgrass and pays homage to the past while looking toward the future. Its dense, upright, and aggressive growth habit competes exceptionally well against Poa annua while displaying a stunning medium-green color and very fine leaf texture.

Seaside II

Seaside II is no longer being produced and our inventory is gone. We encourage you to check out Pure Select. If you are looking for a proven answer to high salt in your golf course soil and water, Pure Select is for you! It has been proven in real-world situations worldwide to germinate in elevated salts and high bi-carb soils and water. Pure Select is a game-changing solution with its fantastic disease, heat, cold, wear, and salt tolerance.

Penn A-4

Penn A-4, Tee-2-Green’s adaptable creeping bentgrass, is no longer in production, and our inventory is now gone. However, the next generation, Pure Select, boasts a rich breeding heritage that includes Penncross and the groundbreaking Penn A’s & G’s. With a dense, upright and aggressive growth habit, it’s exceptionally strong against disease, heat, and cold. A game-changing solution, Pure Select gives you a quick spring green-up and outstanding turf quality year round on bentgrass greens.

Penn A-1/Penn A-4

Penn A-1/A-4, one of Tee-2-Green’s proven creeping bentgrass blends is no longer in production, and our inventory is now gone. However, our new A+ Blend and Prestige Premium Blend are recommended alternatives. Providing even greater adaptability to harsh weather conditions and disease pressure that typical bentgrasses cannot handle, A+ is an ideal option for year-round performance in difficult environments. Providing tour quality surfaces in the harshest climates, Prestige Premium Blend gives you super dense, up-right, and aggressive growth—whether seeding a new green or interseeding. You can count on either of these blends to meet your needs as we move forward into the next generation of world-class bentgrass products together.
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Our groundbreaking bentgrass varieties improve playability, resist diseases and tolerate demanding conditions. Find out which will improve your course.