Bentgrass Reference Guide

Use this guide to find the varieties that will work for you, and visit the product pages for more information.

Prestige Logo
Uses: Greens, tees, fairways

A proven blend of our two highest performing bentgrasses—Pure Distinction and Pure Select—Prestige premium bentgrass provides tour quality surfaces on a day-in and day-out basis, even in the harshest climates.

Seeds per Lb: 7,032,058
Pure Distinction Creeping Bentgrass logo
Uses: Greens

Pure Distinction has a distinctive, bright green color. Its dense and upright growth habit makes for true and smooth putting. It’s aggressive to recover quickly from damage. Pure Distinction also has excellent resistance to bacterial wilt, brown patch, anthracnose, Fusarium patch, leaf spot, and dollar spot.

Seeds per Lb: 7,032,058
Pure Select Creeping Bentgrass logo
Uses: Greens, tees, fairways

Pure Select, a bentgrass seed that includes Penncross and the groundbreaking Penn A’s & G’s, has a dense, upright and aggressive growth habit. It’s also wear-tolerant, produces less thatch and is easy to manage. Salt issues? No problem. Not only is Pure Select strong against disease, heat and cold, but it’s been proven to germinate in elevated salts and high bi-carb soils and water. Because Seaside II is no longer in production, we are recommending Pure Select in its place. Pure Select is a game-changing solution with fantastic disease, heat, cold, wear and salt tolerance that gives you a quick spring green-up and outstanding turf quality year round on bentgrass greens.

Seeds per Lb: 6,787,428
PC2.0 logo
Uses: Greens, tees, fairways, divot repair

PC2.0 is a bentgrass variety that pays homage to the past with a look into the future. PC2.0 exhibits a stunning, medium green color with a very fine leaf texture. Displaying a dense, upright, and aggressive growth habit, it also features an exceptional ability to compete against Poa annua. Suitable for greens, tees, fairways, and divot repair.

Seeds per Lb: 6,729,970
Seaside 2 logo
Uses: Greens, tees, fairways

Seaside II tolerates high pH conditions making it an excellent choice for greens, tees, and fairways on golf courses near seashore coastlines, on courses with high pH soils, and/or where effluent water is used for irrigation. Seaside ll also has excellent disease resistance and exceptional turf quality.

Seaside II is no longer being produced and remaining inventories are low. We encourage you to check out Pure Select. If you are looking for a proven answer to high salt in your golf course soil and water, Pure Select is for you! It has been proven in real-world situations worldwide to germinate in elevated salts and high bi-carb soils and water. Pure Select is a game-changing solution with its fantastic disease, heat, cold, wear, and salt tolerance.

Seeds per Lb: 6,536,023
PureFormance Green and Fairway Blend Logo
Uses: Fairways, tees

PureFormance Fairway Blend combines the best traits from Pennlinks II, Pure Select and Crystal BlueLinks, which offer a broad genetic diversity and the highest resistance to disease. It germinates and establishes quickly, stands up to traffic, and recovers quickly from damage. PureFormance Fairway Blend also has excellent heat and cold tolerance and greens up early in spring for great year round color.

Seeds per Lb: 6,886,813
Crystal Bluelinks logo
Uses: Greens, tees, fairways, interseeding

Crystal BlueLinks distinguishes itself from other bents with its remarkable turf quality and unique blue-green color. It’s an ideal bentgrass for greens, fairways, and tees. Crystal BlueLinks also resists brown patch and dollar spot. It tolerates hot and cold temperatures and grows extraordinarily well in shady and low- light areas.

Seeds per Lb: 6,841,786
PennLinks 2 logo
Uses: Greens, tees, fairways

PennLinks II has a semi-erect growth habit and good density. It displays a beautiful, dark green color and provides an excellent playing surface for greens, tees, and fairways. PennLinks ll also has good heat and drought tolerance, and resists dollar spot.

Seeds per Lb: 7,031,226
Pennway For Fairway Use Logo
Uses: Tees, fairways, winter overseeding

Pennway is an economical blend that’s great for tees, fairways, and overseeding. It has broad genetic diversity for reliable performance and provides an excellent playing surface in various soil types. Certified Pennway is also available.

Seeds per Lb: 6,500,000
Penn A-4 logo
Uses: Greens, tees, fairways

Penn A-4 ranks with Penn A-1 as one of the finest bents ever produced. Its high tolerance to heat, humidity, and cold, and its tough disease resistance make it easy to manage. Penn A-4 is the proven bentgrass that is synonymous with the finest putting greens possible. It’s also an excellent choice for fairways and tees.

Seeds per Lb: 4,886,975
PennTrio Certified Creeping Bentgrass Blend Logo
Uses: Tees, fairways, winter overseeding

PennTrio certified creeping bentgrass is a genetically diverse blend of Penncross, Penneagle II, and PennLinks II. PennTrio has all the strengths of a blend with ready-to-seed convenience and is a great choice for tees, fairways, and winter overseeding.

Seeds per Lb: 6,300,000
Uses: New Seeding, Interseeding, Greens, Fairways, Tees

The new A+ blend will provide even greater adaptability to harsh weather conditions and disease pressure that typical bentgrasses cannot handle. A+ is extremely quick to germinate even in cold climates, while its aggressive tillering provides faster establishment and grow in. Its deep fibrous root system and tight density deliver superior overall playability. The improved heat tolerance provides excellent summer performance, combined with salt tolerance to make it an ideal option for year-round performance in difficult environments. You can count on A+ to perform and meet your needs as we move forward into the next generation of world class bentgrass products together.

Seeds per Lb: 5,334,900
Uses: Greens, Tees, Fairways, Interseeding

Pure Eclipse has the finest leaf texture, a dark green color, high density, particularly in the summer and offers an aggressive grown-in. Pure Eclipse presents a premium putting surface and is also an excellent choice for tees and fairways. This variety displays great wear tolerance with excellent disease resistance to brown patch, anthracnose, dollar spot, and pink snow mold.

Seeds per Lb: 6,406,780
Penn A-1 logo
Uses: Greens, tees, fairways

Penn A-1 is one of the finest bentgrasses ever produced. The ball rolls smooth and true when it’s Penn A-1 on the green. It has the ideal traits for putting greens, and it’s an outstanding bent for fairways and tees. Penn A-1 also tolerates heat, humidity, and cold equally well, and it stands up to high traffic and wear. While Penn A-1 is being phased out of production, it will remain available through the A+ blend.

Seeds per Lb: 5,334,900
Penn A1/A4 logo
Uses: Greens, tees, fairways

Penn A-1/A-4 combines the strengths of two of Tee-2-Greens’s most proven bentgrass varieties to create a blend with broad genetic diversity that will produce the highest quality putting surface. With its dark green color, Penn A-1/A-4 excels in a variety of climates and conditions. A-1/A-4 prefers to be kept on the dry and lean side, reducing management costs. While Penn A-1/A-4 is being phased out of production, it will remain available through the A+ blend.

Seeds per Lb: 5,110,938
Penncross Bentgrass Logo
Uses: Greens, tees, fairway mix

Penncross set the standard for bentgrass putting green excellence when it was first introduced in 1955. Today, Penncross remains the bentgrass most specified by architects and superintendents for golf courses worldwide. With an aggressive growth habit, Penncross recovers quickly from damage and divots, making it a great choice for tees. Penncross also tolerates both heat and wear well.

Penncross, Tee-2-Green’s legendary creeping bentgrass, is now out of production, and our inventory is now gone. PC2.0, however, is the next generation of this time-proven bentgrass and pays homage to the past while looking toward the future. Its dense, upright, and aggressive growth habit competes exceptionally well against Poa annua while displaying a stunning medium-green color and very fine leaf texture.

Seeds per Lb: 3,803,275