By Interseeding With the Best

Becoming one of the greats begins with the most innovative and premium bentgrasses bred to improve playability, resist diseases, and tolerate extreme conditions. Grower-owned and focused exclusively on advancing bentgrass excellency, Tee-2-Green creates products that exceed Oregon Blue Tag standards through unmatched expertise and experience.

Interseeding lets you incorporate new and improved premium bentgrasses to upgrade your turf with minimal expenses and without having to close the course for renovation. Developing and maintaining an effective interseeding program is the key to converting your course to top quality bentgrass.

It’s time to start using the finest bentgrass seeds available and become one of the greats—your spot is waiting.

Pristine green at Campbell River


Beautiful hole location at Rolling Hills Country Club in California

Interseeding is easy

It’s just one additional step of applying seed to your existing aerification process.

More opportunities

After spiking, verticutting, or topdressing, you can also introduce new and improved bentgrass seed.

Manage for bentgrass

Favor bentgrass growth by using growth regulators.

Good things take time

Be patient and methodical, interseeding takes time and perseverance.

Become a legend

You’ll improve turf quality, reduce inputs, and enhance overall course conditions.


Turfgrass at Cherry Island Golf Course
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Cherry Island Golf Course in Elverta, CA

Successful interseeding at Storey Creek Golf Club
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Storey Creek Golf Club

Successful interseeding at Pine Brook Country Club
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Pine Brook Country Club in Weston, MA

Find a Local Distributor

We are proud to work with distributors around the globe who are familiar with your local course needs to bring you quality bentgrass seed. Just click the link below to find a distributor near you.