The new A+ blend will provide even greater adaptability to harsh weather conditions and disease pressure that typical bentgrasses cannot handle. A+ is extremely quick to germinate even in cold climates, while its aggressive tillering provides faster establishment and grow in. Its deep fibrous root system and tight density deliver superior overall playability. The improved heat tolerance provides excellent summer performance, combined with salt tolerance to make it an ideal option for year-round performance in difficult environments.

You can count on A+ to perform and meet your needs as we move forward into the next generation of world class bentgrass products together.

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Image of Erin Hills Golf Course
Image of Erin Hills Golf Course

"The new A+ bentgrass blend will provide the long-trusted performance of the Penn varieties with the improved and enhanced performance of Pure Eclipse, our latest development in elite bentgrasses."

— Crystal Rose-Fricker, President of Pure-Seed Testing

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