Seaside II

Legacy Product

Because of its salt tolerance, Seaside II creeping bentgrass is chosen for coastal golf courses where sea spray is a problem for other varieties of bentgrass. It can be irrigated with water sources containing salt content as high as 15,000 ppm and having a pH of 7.5–8.5. Seaside II is also dollar spot-resistant. Its drought tolerance and aggressive growth characteristics allow Seaside II to compete well with invading species like Poa annua.

Seaside II is no longer being produced and our inventory is gone. We encourage you to check out Pure Select. If you are looking for a proven answer to high salt in your golf course soil and water, Pure Select is for you! It has been proven in real-world situations worldwide to germinate in elevated salts and high bi-carb soils and water. Pure Select is a game-changing solution with its fantastic disease, heat, cold, wear, and salt tolerance. 

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The Club at Strawberry Creek in Kenosha, WI

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Extreme Weather Conditions at Towa Golf Club in Santa Fe, NM

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Masters of Bentgrass

Towa Golf Club
Santa Fe, NM
The Club at Strawberry Creek
Kenosha, WI
Old Head Golf Links
Cork, Ireland
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The Club at Strawberry Creek Golf Course

"I was very happy with the performance of Seaside II. Everyone has nothing but good things to say."

— Matt Kregel, The Club at Strawberry Creek Golf Course Superintendent

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